Wednesday, 8 April 2009

another day off from work today, was sick last week and had to have 3 days off work, i hate having to take time off, i feel really guilty! but what i had was v.contagious, so it was for the best!!

anyhow, tomorrow we have a big meeting at work with our area manager and her manager too, and all of us from my counter have to attend, and its not looking good, i think it could be for a possible redundancy of the team/counter, whatever it is, its not looking good from how officially it has all been done/arranged etc!!

i don't know what the hell i will do without a job, have a reasonable amount of debt that i was working on paying off!

since i found out about this meeting when i went back to work on monday, i've been constantly worrying about it, just want it all over & done with!!!

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